Hills and Saunders Harrow Collection

Hills and Saunders Photographic Studios were founded in 1860 and until the late 1980s were the official photographers for Eton College, Harrow School, Oxford and Cambridge Universities as well as Sandhurst Military Academy. Hills and Saunders were renowned for photographic excellence and quality so much so that by April 1867 they were granted a Royal Warrant as photographers to Queen Victoria. Individual plates and prints can be found in such prestigious institutions as the National Portrait Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum and the Royal Collection.

Collection Biography

The Hills and Saunders Harrow Collection represents a hugely important and valuable piece of social and family history. The archive documents the evolution of one of the world’s leading public schools, and a very British Institution. The collection offers a glimpse of some of the Twentieth Century’s greatest and most influential men as schoolboys, photographed among their peers. Harrow School can boast seven former British Prime Ministers as Alumni.

Amazingly over 80,000 plates remain and perhaps more significantly the original photographers legers have also survived which has allowed our team of expert curators to positively match photographic plates to individual pupils.